Careers on trucks

Certainty and independence

On the road as well, Wagenborg is a leading employer. With our modern vehicles, we are a player to be reckoned with both nationally and internationally. Whether you are a technician or a driver, working for Wagenborg means being part of a world-class company that is still growing. But even though we are a large company, with us you can always rely on committed colleagues and an employer who wants to ensure that everything is in order

Work with variety

At Wagenborg you work for many different customers. No day is ever the same with us. That ensures that your work stays fun and challenging. We also realise that having freedom in how you do your work is important to you. And we provide that. With us, you always have the opportunity to contribute ideas about how your work can be made better and more enjoyable for you.

Continuing to develop your skills

At Wagenborg, you will broaden your horizons in all respects. Through great training programmes we ensure that you continue to develop your skills, and that your personal development also never stagnates. To us that is only natural: you invest in us, we invest in you.

Are you ready for a step ahead in your career on the road?

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