Privacy policy

Koninklijke Wagenborg Privacy Principles

Koninklijke Wagenborg takes protection of personal data seriously. We protect personal data we record and process, thereby guaranteeing the privacy of individuals. Koninklijke Wagenborg applies the following principles in respecting privacy:

  • We use personal information efficiently and legitimately exclusively;
  • We are transparent about the type of personal data we collect, the manner in which we use these personal data and the manner in which those involved have access to their personal data; 
  • We securely save information and take all reasonable measures to protect information from abuse;
  • We observe all applicable laws and regulations regarding protection of personal data.

Purpose and scope of this policy

This policy applies to all companies falling under the umbrella of Koninklijke Wagenborg.

This privacy policy describes the manner in which we collect, use and protect personal data in the framework of our operations.
This privacy policy applies to all personal data collected by Koninklijke Wagenborg. Personal data is taken to mean all information pertaining to an identified or identifiable natural person (person involved), such as first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth, address, country of residence, bank information, etc.

This privacy policy applies to all personal data of persons, including all employees of Koninklijke Wagenborg, including hired third parties and trainees, pensioners, job applicants, contractors, clients, business partners, shareholders, suppliers and others.

Why Koninklijke Wagenborg processes personal data:

We record and, insofar as necessary, process personal data exclusively for carefully described and justified business purposes, such as briefly summarized below:

  • Human resources
    This involves processing of information necessary for drawing up, fulfilment or termination of employment contracts, other types of contracts or any other employment relationship with a person involved. This includes calculation, determination and payment of salary and employment conditions, calculation and payment of taxes and national insurance contributions, calculation and payment of pensions of whatever nature and comparable rights, career and talent development, performance reviews and training, travel and accommodation, holidays and other forms of absence.
  • Health, safety and well-being
    This involves processing of data relating to impairments or sickness absence and maternity leave, the offering of health programmes and the offering of care and support relating to safety and health at work. This also includes processing of information necessary for identification of a person involved in the framework of location security or guaranteeing the security of a person involved or their belongings and protecting the business premises and the business assets.
  • Observance of statutory obligations
    This involves all cases in which recording and processing of personal data are necessary for observance of the statutory obligations which Koninklijke Wagenborg is subject to.

How Koninklijke Wagenborg processes personal data:

Koninklijke Wagenborg processes personal data of persons involved carefully and in conformity with the strict rules of the Dutch and European legislation regarding protection of personal data.

We take all reasonable steps to guarantee that personal data:

  • are obtained by Koninklijke Wagenborg honestly and legitimately and processed for justified business purposes;
  • are relevant and do not disclose more than necessary for the justified business purposes ;
  • are meticulously kept up-to-date to guarantee completeness and quality of the data;
  • are no longer stored in the databases of Koninklijke Wagenborg than strictly necessary to fulfil the relevant purpose, unless Koninklijke Wagenborg is obliged to observe a statutory obligation.

So-called special personal data receive extra attention. These are data that are so sensitive that processing them may seriously harm someone’s privacy, such as data about health, race, religion, criminal past and the like. Special personal data are carefully processed by a select group of persons authorised to do so, such as the company physician, who are subject to strict secrecy.

How Koninklijke Wagenborg protects personal data:

Koninklijke Wagenborg emphasizes the importance of safe storage of personal data. Therefore Koninklijke Wagenborg takes all reasonable precautions to protect personal data from abuse or unauthorised access, disclosure, modification, destruction and loss. In particular by:

  • securing transfer, storage and processing of personal data based on suitable technical, physical and organisational measures and an appropriate security level;
  • restricting access to personal data on a need to know basis to authorised persons who are subject to a strict obligation to observe secrecy;
  • reviewing this privacy policy and other protective measures, if necessary.

Met wie Koninklijke Wagenborg persoonsgegevens deelt:

Koninklijke Wagenborg behoudt zich het recht voor persoonsgegevens van tijd tot tijd bekend te maken aan dienstverleners die het inschakelt ter ondersteuning van de dagelijkse zakelijke activiteiten. Dienstverleners mogen persoonsgegevens uitsluitend verwerken volgens de instructies van Koninklijke Wagenborg en Koninklijke Wagenborg zal haar privacybeleid en methoden voor bescherming van persoonsgegevens, voor zover mogelijk, contractueel opleggen aan derden. Daarnaast behoudt Koninklijke Wagenborg zich het recht voor persoonsgegevens bekend te maken in geval van onwettelijk of onrechtmatig gebruik of als het daartoe verzocht wordt door een bevoegde instantie.

With whom Koninklijke Wagenborg shares personal data:

Koninklijke Wagenborg reserves the right to from time to time disclose personal data to service providers it calls in to support its daily business activities. Service providers may process personal data exclusively in accordance with the instructions of Koninklijke Wagenborg and insofar as possible, Koninklijke Wagenborg will contractually impose its privacy policy and methods for protection of personal data to third parties. In addition, Koninklijke Wagenborg reserves the right to disclose personal data in case of illegal or wrongful or unlawful use or if requested to do so by competent authorities.

Request for inspection, correction or removal of personal data:

Koninklijke Wagenborg grants access to stored personal data to persons the personal data are related to and to persons/organisations authorised pursuant to a statutory framework upon request. If it turns out that the data are incorrect or are stored in violation of the laws for protection of personal data, Koninklijke Wagenborg will correct and/or remove these data. Persons involved wishing to submit a request for inspection, correction, removal or transfer of personal data can contact the privacy officer. Unreasonable requests or requests adversely affecting the privacy of third parties may be rejected.


Persons involved can contact the privacy officer for any questions or complaints about the manner in which Koninklijke Wagenborg processes personal data or to object to the transfer of personal data.

Breach relating to personal data

A breach relating to personal data is notified to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, unless this breach is not likely to result in (a considerable chance of) serious adverse consequences for the protection of personal data. Persons involved are informed if a breach relating to personal data is likely to result in (a considerable chance of) serious adverse consequences for the protection of personal data. To enable Koninklijke Wagenborg to comply with the obligation to notify a breach relating to personal data, Koninklijke Wagenborg has drawn up a protocol for breach relating to personal data (I and II), which forms an integral part of this present policy.


Koninklijke Wagenborg may update this policy from time to time. This policy was last updated on 1 March 2018 in Delfzijl (the Netherlands).