Henk Zuur - Editor in chief

Henk Zuur
Born in: 1950, Netherlands
Working for: Royal Wagenborg
Since: 1968
Career level: professional

I turned my hobby into my job.

My career

In 1968, at the age of 17, I started as the youngest office worker with E. Wagenborg’s Scheepvaart- & Expeditiebedrijf N.V., as it was called in those days. After a year, I was given the opportunity to work as water clerk and declarant. Over time, alongside my day job, I started to work for ‘Details’. For about ten years I have been a fulltime Editor in Chief. These days it is much more than a personnel magazine, ‘Details’ is alive inside and outside Wagenborg.

My story

During my 45 years in service I have been able to combine my hobbies (ship spotting, photography, and text writing) with my work. Usually during evenings and weekends. Wagenborg Details is a glossy, full-colour magazine that paints a broad picture of Royal Wagenborg, locally and internationally, from large projects to small, but significant events.
As Editor it gives me enormous satisfaction that all the employees of Royal Wagenborg like Details as much as they do. I'm never short of copy. I have an affinity with shipping myself, but know very little about cranes or lorries. No need to. Colleagues from Nedlift and Reining keep me abreast of the developments and always make their contributions.
After my retirement I hope to be able to publish Details for a few more years. Not just because I love my work, but because Wagenborg is a company 'on the move' and there's always something going on.