Kornelis Berghuis - Financial Manager

Kornelis Berghuis
Born in: 1978, Netherlands
Working for: Wagenborg Offshore
Since: 2004
Career level: professional

There's room to develop yourself.

My career

After my Business Economics study in Groningen I found a job in Utrecht. After a while I made the choice to return to the North. Through a head-hunter I came into contact with Wagenborg Reining and I started work there as Controller in 2004. In 2010, I was asked to become Head of Planning & Control in Koninklijke Wagenborg. In this job I worked for the whole of the Wagenborg group rather than just one Division. At some point I realised I missed the dynamism and vitality in my work. So then I was asked to become Financial Manager in Wagenborg Offshore.

My story

The Offshore Division comprises many companies that are based in The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates. With our sites and vessels we operate in the oil and gas industry. Working for Wagenborg Offshore is dynamic. No two days are the same! In my current post I maintain contact with the operational workfloor. I find it important that you know what you're talking about when you're dealing with the figures. You need to know what happens and you need to know the story behind the figures.

Wagenborg is a wonderful family business. A company with attitude, with a presence and you see that in the people and the flag. The Wagenborg flag, a sign that can be seen everywhere. It is a Sign of Solutions. Within the company there is a lot of freedom, responsibility and there are opportunities. If you have the Sign of Solutions competencies - cooperation, entrepreneurship and focus on solutions -, you will be given plenty of room to develop.