Maarten ten Wolde - Senior Operations Manager

Maarten ten Wolde
Born in: 1964, Netherlands
Working for: Wagenborg Shipping
Since: 1995
Career level: professional

You can shape your own development.

My career

Before Wagenborg I sailed for other shipping companies, as Mate and Engineer. I always saw the Wagenborg vessels. I'm from the North and Wagenborg is and was always an attractive employer for me. It's a growing company.

I started at Wagenborg as Superintendent. After 13 years as Superintendent I saw that seafarers could and should be trained better. I expressed that ambition and Wagenborg supported the initiative. I became Training Coordinator for seafarers in the Crewing Department. The move from Superintendent to Crewing was a big change. All of a sudden you work with people rather than equipment.

Recently, we've observed a need to improve processes on the vessels. So now we're working on a new job for me, being Senior Operations Manager.

My story

Wagenborg demands flexibility and that makes the work fun. I'm not somebody who likes to do the same thing, day in day out. In Wagenborg you're judged on your results, not on your attendance. The company is set up so you can develop within your job and beyond. You shape your own development. There are no limits. If opportunities present themselves that could benefit the Department or the company, we all put our hands to the pump to take those opportunities.

Within the Crewing Department you have to have ‘drive’ to achieve your targets. Sometimes you have to come up with the weirdest solutions. You need to take responsibility and think ahead. Crewing is a real team. We travel together if we're going the same way and we often do fun stuff outside work too.
Every time I step on board a vessel I feel like sailing again. It's good to be in the office, but you must remember that the people on the vessels earn the money. We are there for them and must support them in the best possible way.