Peter van der Wielen - Project Manager

Peter van der Wielen
Born in: 1968, Netherlands
Working for: Wagenborg Reining
Since: 2003
Career level: professional

Don't think in problems, but in solutions

My story

In 2006 I joined the Works Council of Wagenborg Reining and then the Central Works Council of Wagenborg. I chose to do this, because through the Works Council you're more involved with Wagenborg. You think about solutions and you get to know the company and the people well.

The work as Project Manager remains challenging and varied. No two days are the same! Transport will always be a buzz. Transport challenges, because the market never stagnates. It's challenging to make sure that clients view Wagenborg as ‘preferred supplier’.

Don't think in problems, but in solutions, be a good colleague, have a sense of responsibility, work independently and don't keep asking for direction. The fact that Wagenborg is a Royal company and has been around for more than 100 years creates stability in the company. Continuity is extremely important.
It is still a family business, even after the growth we experienced. There is a lot of commitment within the company. The company is not focused on shareholders, but on the clients and the people in the organisation.

My career

I was phoned by the Transport Manager of Wagenborg Reining, who said they were looking for a Planner. I was appointed after two interviews. I worked in Planning for three years and then four years as Team Leader Forwarding. In 2010, I became Forwarding Manager and following organisational changes I became Project Manager.