Simone ten Doesschate - HR-advisor

Simone ten Doesschate
Born in: 1978, Netherlands
Working for: Royal Wagenborg
Since: 2009
Career level: professional

When I started at Wagenborg I was amazed by how friendly and human it is.

My story

Induction is a little different than with other employers. There was no defined job for me, I had to find my own way within the Department. There was a kind of natural division of labour of course. Anybody can and will find self-expression in the area they like. In our Department we work in a way that is completely complementary.
The striking thing about that is that you end up doing lots of new things. You gain confidence and you develop. Just get going with a healthy dose of common sense.

I have set up different initiatives with colleagues, including the corporate introduction day (you get to know colleagues from all the Wagenborg Divisions), Management Development classes (master classes), the introduction of competency management (job-specific competencies within different Business Units) and a trainee programme.

Previously I worked for a company with an American business culture and when I came to Wagenborg I was surprised by how friendly and human it is. If you're sick they don't phone to check you're actually sick, but they call to find out if they can help in any way to make sure you're better soon.
Here they realise that it is difficult to keep life and work separate. If things don't go well on the private front that has repercussions for work. Everybody realises that and you get plenty of support from colleagues during the difficult times.

My career

During the Noorderlink days I heard that a P&O vacancy was coming up in Wagenborg. We hit it off during the first interview. I was impressed by the good, open and relaxed atmosphere. I had to complete an assessment after the first interview. Initially I thought the results were confrontational but now I look back I believe it provides insight into who you are. Insight into your personality, strong points and not so strong points, intelligence, etc. You can use that as a springboard for your development within Wagenborg. After the second interview, the Head of Department called me as I was on my way back home with the news of an offer.