Wouter Siemerink - Project Engineer

Wouter Siemerink
Born in: 1980, Nedtherlands
Working for: Wagenborg Towage
Since: 2005
Career level: professional

I do more than just work at the office. I work on jobs from minus 10 to plus 30 degrees.

My career

In 2008, I graduated at Wagenborg Nedlift and was offered a contract to come and work as trainee. Putting the Tjalk ‘Liberte’ in Wagenborg Head Office was one of my first projects. As technical trainee, you mainly gain project experience. As part of the trainee program, the director of Wagenborg Nedlift asked me to work in Spain as technical support for the Madrid office. I had a great time and would do it all over again. My traineeship in Madrid came to an end and I had to go back to the Netherlands. There was a vacancy for an engineer in Wagenborg Towage and I asked if I could start there as trainee. After a period as trainee I was taken on permanently as Project Engineer in 2011..

My story

When you start at Wagenborg Towage, you always start as trainee. What I do now, you can't learn at school. Lots of factors play a role in this work, you have to take those into account, but you can only learn them on the job. The best bit about this work is lots of freedom and I work on large and challenging projects.
I do more than just work in the office. I also supervise projects during execution. I love it when I put on my overall and that I work on jobs ranging from minus 10 to plus 30 degrees outside. The fact that the jobs are all over the world makes it even more challenging. Over the coming years, I hope I can do more exciting and interesting projects together with the other Wagenborg Divisions.