Henk Schaapman - Teamleader warehouse

Henk Schaapman
Born in: 1963, Netherlands
Working for: Wagenborg Reining
Since: 1986
Career level: professional
Field of activity: Careers in warehousing

My ambition to learn and my positive attitude ensured I became Team Leader in the end.

My career

In 1986, I started with Wagenborg as a sailor. In 1999 medical reasons made it impossible for me to stay in shipping. In 2000, Wagenborg offered me a job as warehouse employee in Wagenborg Reining. I'm always positive about my work, even now I'm no longer able to do what I like best. In Reining I put my name down for all the available courses and training. My ambition to learn and my positive attitude ensured I became foreman and eventually Team Leader.

My story

I have enjoyed every single day of my 26 years at work. I do my job with passion and enthusiasm. As Team Leader you have a lot of contact with colleagues in the office. If you want to be a good Team Leader, you need to be stress-resistant and solution-led and have a positive outlook. You have to remember that a Team Leader cannot be liked by everybody. You get to know your colleagues and you learn how to deal with them.

For my 25th anniversary, Wagenborg asked what kind of celebration I would like. I could go for a meal out at Wagenborg's expense, but I'm not somebody who likes to be the centre of attention so I didn't do that. I'm one of those 'no-need-to-go-over-the-top types', so I left it at the normal bonus, vouchers and flowers.

When you're young and come to work for Wagenborg, there are so many opportunities within the company. You can make choices and move in different directions. Just a great company.