Alexander Dean Diosco Martinez - Bosun m.v. Varnebank

Alexander Dean Diosco Martinez
Born in: 1960, Philippines
Working for: Wagenborg Shipping
Since: 1998
Career level: professional

We act like family on board.

My story

“I began as an AB in 1998 and have sailed the world’s seas with Wagenborg ever since. I work to support my family. That is why I really appreciate Wagenborg always paying my allotment on time. I worked hard as an AB and felt a great sense of responsibility for everything and everyone onboard. I have sailed on many different ships and made many friends. After seven years, I have been promoted to Bosun. I’m now responsible for the daily operations on deck and am responsible for the AB's. I coordinate this with the Chief Officer on a daily basis.

I was looking for more of a challenge and I certainly found it. And my wages have increased too!

On long trips, we sometimes organize game afternoons for the crew in the mess room. The combination of darts, cards and great food really makes me feel at home!

I’d like to work at Wagenborg until my retirement. They take my needs seriously and fulfill all our agreements. That is why I’ve advised a number of my family members to come and work here too. Those who have taken my advice now sail on different ships. So it’s kind of family business for my family too!”

My career

Wagenborg crew member since 1998. Started as Able Bodied Seaman (AB), now a Bosun. My Wagenborg ships have included the Nordic Link, Morgenstond I, Morgenstond II, Reggeborg and Victoriaborg.