Tien Vu Doan - Deck cadet

Tien Vu Doan
Born in: 1987, Vietnam
Working for: Wagenborg Shipping
Since: 2010
Career level: starter

I'm working hard on becoming a professional officer.

My story

“This is my first job onboard a ship. I have discovered that anything is possible at Wagenborg if you work hard. Maybe one day, when I have enough experience and expertise, I can become a captain.

As a deck cadet, I carry out the daily tasks which are important to keep things organized and working smoothly. At Wagenborg, I feel I am working in an environment where I can develop my know-how and experience. The captain is very willing to share his experience and knowledge with me. This means I can grow very quickly. You meet up with all kinds of nationalities onboard. We do our best to speak one or two languages amongst ourselves.

As a result, I have developed a large group of friends from many different countries.

My youngest brother soon needs to decide what to do when he’s finished school. He may want to go to university but I’d certainly advise him to go to sea as well. You can build up a career while earning money, and sail around the world!”

My career

Started as Deck Cadet (apprentice) at Wagenborg. My Wagenborg ship is the Mississippiborg.