Raymond Wilmink - Rigbuilder

Raymond Wilmink
Born in: 1989, Netherlands
Working for: Wagenborg Foxdrill
Since: 2012
Career level: starter

You learn something new on every job.

My story

The first two weeks are induction weeks. You learn what the work entails, how a drilling tower works, etc. After those two weeks, I worked in the workshop for three weeks. You get to know the equipment. Then I was sent to a project in Germany straightaway. You get a lot of information during your first job. Initially, you're trying to get into the rhythm of the rest of the team. As soon as you're in the groove, you get to know the job better too. You get more confidence. First they give you a green helmet and they know they have to keep an eye on you. Safety is extremely important. You never stop learning. You learn something new on every job.
This work takes you places and pays good money too. I would like to develop and obtain more knowledge of the other areas in which Foxdrill is active, like piling. Colleagues are more than colleagues, because you live and work together whilst you're abroad. If you need to go home, for whatever reason, they'll arrange it for you. It has to come from both sides. During busy periods you work hard and long, but during quieter periods it's easy to ask for time off.

My career

I ended up with Foxdrill in the post of rig builder through a colleague.