From job to career

Our company history, our way of doing business, and our attitude towards our employees make us really different from many other companies. You can feel that as soon as you step into our company buildings. We are a company that continues to grow, and that is always on the lookout for new possibilities and opportunities. But to remain at the forefront of the market, we need the best people, who are willing and able to contribute to our growth. That makes us not only a company that customers enjoy doing business with and coming back to, but also an employer who many people spend a large part of their career with, and where they enjoy working very much.

A career until your pension

As a family business, we believe strongly in safety, reliability and commitment. Working for Wagenborg is not just another job: you will become part of a family. And not just for as long as it lasts, but until you retire. And then you will have a wonderful career to look back on. A career full of opportunities, memorable moments, and challenges.

Being the architect of your own career

Start today. Sail on a variety of vessels, cargoes and shipping routes. Develop your social skills. Learn to use a crane to maximum effect, both literally and figuratively. Get positive feedback. Be ambitious and enjoy making career steps at Wagenborg. Your point of departure doesn't have to be your destination if you work for Wagenborg. You are the one responsible for your own career. If you want, you can be whatever you wish. Be the architect of your own career.

Word hard, discover, learn and grow

Making mistakes is not a problem if you learn from them. We therefore pay a lot of attention to the training and personal development of our employees. Fully tailored to your personal qualities and needs. We recognise your unique talents, and we want to put them to work. Not just for today, but for the future. We will help you to make continuous improvements in your work, and to develop your potential even more. Do you see solutions? We'll give you the space and support to work at those solutions. Work hard and learn many new things with high intensity. Collect many different experiences and enjoy your lifelong career with Wagenborg.
A career in the office, on board, in the offshore, on the truck, on the crane or in a warehouse. These are all your opportunities at Wagenborg.