The rapid increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to global climate change. In 2016 196 countries have signed the Paris Agreement in order to reduce the global warming to a maximum of 2˚C. With that agreement in place, the Dutch government has set the ambitious goal to reduce the CO2 emission (the most important greenhouse gas) to zero by 2050. In 2030 a reduction of 49% compared to the emission in 1990 is set as an intermediate goal. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is an important technique to achieve this objective. Together with  a consortium of partners (Fizzy Transport and Royal Niestern Sander)  Wagenborg has been granted a subsidy from the Dutch Government to develop a modular, scalable design for transporting liquid supercritical CO2 over water. The concept is based on push barges together with tugs to transport CO2 from the source to offshore fields, thereby creating an integrated scope between CCUS and other initiatives for reusing oil and gas installations. The concept is scalable and is independent to source and storage location and can compete on price, flexibility and CO2 footprint with pipelines.

For the next phase of the project the consortium is planning to develop a fully detailed design of CO2 push barge concept followed with a potential demonstration project in 2020.

Graduation Assignment

Wagenborg aims to assess and investigate the feasibility of the design by providing a detailed analysis of the CCUS market, mapping potential clients, investigating storage locations, and benchmark alternative solutions. In addition financing possibilities should be investigated and a detailed commercial analysis are part of the assignment. Office location will be Delfzijl and Groningen.


Successful candidates recognize themselves in the following description: solution oriented, cooperation, communicative, innovative and skilled in planning and organizing. Eager to learn and being able to work independently.

Key Requirements

The candidate we are looking for must be/have:

  • A University/Bachelor graduation student in business, economics or industrial engineering & management
  • An enthusiasm for new technology and innovation
  • Commitment to the environment and willing to contribute to achieving the goals of Wagenborg to improve the environmental footprint
  • Is having affinity with rulemaking following global agreements on reduction of CO2 emissions.

Contact Information

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For questions, please contact Mr. Paul Bakker, tel. 0596- 636 391.