Andrey Ivanov - Chief Engineer m.v. Mississippiborg

Andrey Ivanov
Geboren in: 1964, Russia
Werkzaam bij: Wagenborg Shipping
Sinds: 2008
Carriereniveau: professional

I would like to become superintendent.

My story

“I have been Chief Engineer on the Mississippiborg for the past two years. I have found out how important it is to communicate well, to listen properly and to clearly say what you want. The communication at Wagenborg is very professional but informal, even in terms of our contact with the office. Everyone is really friendly and helpful.

I really enjoy the sailing schedule. It’s very varied and you learn a great deal. Sailing the Great Lakes in North America in particular was a totally new experience for me. I also love Singapore, and the ports in New Zealand.

This job allows you to meet up with people from all over the world. I particularly enjoyed my time on board with the Dutch Captain Poelstra, this was a really fantastic period.

If possible, I want to become Superintendent at Wagenborg. I often encounter classmates who are now sailing elsewhere. I’ve managed to convince a few of them to join us at Wagenborg.”

My career

Wagenborg crew member since 2008. Started as Chief Engineer at Wagenborg. My Wagenborg ship is the Mississippiborg.