Cayetano Retendor Vinarao Tarun - Cook m.v. Kwintebank

Cayetano Retendor Vinarao Tarun
Geboren in: 1966, Philippines
Werkzaam bij: Wagenborg Shipping
Sinds: 2006
Carriereniveau: professional

I take care of the health of our crew

My story

“I have been doing alternate shifts on Varnebank and Kwintebank since 2006. I believe that keeping the crew healthy is very important in our work. Crew members work hard and must always be very fit on board. Wagenborg always ensures that we stay healthy and fit. The food is partly my responsibility. I make sure the galley is always clean and when I cook I use only good ingredients. This ensures the crew is provided with the best ‘fuel’.

My salary is excellent. And so I can ensure that my children in Manilla can finish their studies and enjoy a good future. It is not only my contact with the office in Manilla which is good, but also with the Wagenborg head office in Delfzijl. It all feels very pleasant.

I have already seen many parts of the world. I particularly like the Spanish cities, where the ports are often close to the city centre. I am supervised well while I am working for Wagenborg. Our Crewing department is extremely helpful.

I hope to stay here until my retirement. Wagenborg is reliable and offers many opportunities for promotion, by gaining experience and following training courses. As an AB/Cook, I’m really enjoying my time here. To be able to stay would be a fantastic future for me.”

My career

Wagenborg crew member since 2006. Started as AB/Cook at Wagenborg. My Wagenborg ships have included the Kwintebank & Varnebank.