Fred Reineking - Captain m.v. Africaborg

Fred Reineking
Geboren in: 1963, Nederland
Werkzaam bij: Wagenborg Shipping
Sinds: 1979
Carriereniveau: professional

I have really enjoyed my whole Wagenborg career: from ordinary seaman to captain.

My story

“I started my career on board as a holiday worker at the age of 16. Ten years later, I was a captain. I’ve always worked with people with a positive attitude. That is very helpful in terms of one’s development. Work is work. However, the atmosphere onboard is very important, how we treat each other as colleagues. You need to be able to trust each other, not only professionally but also personally. You can at Wagenborg. Onboard our ships, you know that everyone is professional and that they accept their responsibilities. This enables me to sail the oceans full of confidence. My shore leave is extremely important to me; it gives me an opportunity to see my family regularly. Leave is organized very efficiently at Wagenborg.”

My career

Wagenborg crew member since 1979 Captain Reineking began as a holiday worker, then progressed onboard as an ordinary seaman. In 1984, he became Second Officer, and was promoted to Chief Officer one year later . Captain Reineking has been Captain since 1989.