Mitchell Polman - Third Officer

Mitchell Polman
Geboren in: 1987, Nederland
Werkzaam bij: Wagenborg Shipping
Sinds: 2010
Carriereniveau: starter

On board too, I keep in touch with the world by email

My story

“I went to school to become a Maritime Officer and started work at Wagenborg as a trainee. I got my diploma in summer of 2010 and now I’m a Third Mate. As a trainee, there was so much to see and do, including checking the cargo together with the Chief Mate and standing watch independently.
At Wagenborg, you’re given a great deal of freedom and trust, and your opinion is important as well. That way, you learn the quickest and the most from each other. I hope to stay with Wagenborg. I’d like to develop to become a good Chief Mate and maybe even a Captain.
I’ve made lots of friends here, some of whom are on other ships. I still speak to them regularly, via e-mail and msn.”

My career

Wagenborg crew member since 2010. Started as Cadet (apprentice) at Wagenborg, now Third Officer. My Wagenborg ships include the Mississippiborg & Africaborg.